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based on a modular system

Diamond Module company aims for modern, fast, ecological and smart solutions. In a production plants in Poland complete „turn-key” buildings are assembled (complete with all the interior finishing, installations and equipment).
in hall production turn-key building
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Create process

it takes only a few weeks

The process takes just a few weeks and takes place in a controlled environment of a production plant. A finished building is transported to the designated plot where it undergoes the final assembly.

There are a few modules to choose from. Just like lego blocks, the modules can be assembled up to 8 stories, tomatch the local requirements and client’s needs.

Modular buildings by Diamond Module, which are characterised by simplicity and speed of assembly, allow for locating in even the most unusual spots: slopes,
lake shores, or even rooftops of existing buildings.

The firm offers such buildings as: hotels, houses, offices, preschools, restaurants, cafes, as well as other public building types. A number of trials, research projects
and observations made the technology used by the company energy-efficient and environment-friendly. Modular technology by Diamond Module is a completely new approach to construction.


of modular technology

Optimal time

Production & equipment

The building is formed in 90% at the factory, only using Diamond Module technology. On-site assembly of prefabricated elements enables the maximum shortness of time required to place the building, to just a few hours or days (depending on the investment scale) „Turn-key” buildings are delivered fully equipped.The unit includes all the finishing layers (floors, walls and ceilings), lighting and heating system, access control, internet enabling cablingas well as furnitures (i.e. bed, night stand, shower, WC, desk, hanging closet, and other depended on the standard of the building).

Optimization of

investment costs

The significant cost reduction in terms of both implementation and operation of the builing. Theese are affected by among others: high performance heat permeability (approx. 0.14), high quality of heating systems, heating regulators limiting heat loss and the use of solar photovoltaic systems.

Reduction of


„Turnkey” building is created in the production plant. On site it held only the assembly of the building.



The building is created in a fully controlled environment – the production plant. The whole process is under strict control of quality experts. The Diamond Module technology and products have all the necesary seals of approval, technical approvals and certificates that guarantee the highest standard, in line with EU regulations.


and Environment

The building partitions are characterized by a heat transfer coefficient of partitions at the level of 0,14-0,18 W / m2K (building energy-efficient).
There is also a possibility of using energy saving solutions like: photovoltaic cells, recuperator, air pumps or Zehnder Comfosystem.

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