Another great win for Diamond Module – “Heligoland – Lighthouse 2.0”


Diamond Module has secured another fantastic project in Germany. Designed by the architectural firm SANGBERG from Copenhagen the Turn-Key project “Heligoland – Lighthouse 2.0” will be delivered in Summer 2018.

The project based on  involves production, delivery and assembly of 68 modular residential houses each ready to accommodate between 1-4 occupants, with total area ca. 3 600m2. Colorful surroundings and the uniqueness of Helgoland island will make this project certainly unprecedented.

Heligoland is Germany’s only island in the high seas with total area 1,7 km2. Typical offshore climate and very clean air almost free of pollen and thus makes this place perfect holiday and health resort. A feature of the island is almost total absence of car traffic – only local ambulance, firetruck and some electrically powered vehicles can move on roads.

Are you interested how will we deliver and assemble our modular buildings in Heligoland? Want to learn more – stay tuned!

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