Year-round houses up to 35m2


Year-round houses with a building area of up to 35 m2 are an ideal solution for an investment on recreational plots without the need to obtain a building permit.

Thanks to the diverse arrangement of houses, everyone will find something for themselves. We offer several types of houses. In the catalog you will find both modules maintained in a modern style with a flat roof and referring to local archetypes such as: Zakopane, Bieszczady or Kashubian. Turnkey finishing of the apartment is our standard. It includes fully equipped bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. The technology of our houses enables efficient and easy assembly, which makes them an ideal proposal for those who care about short realization time.

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  1. Typ A1
  2. Typ A2
  3. Typ A3
  4. Typ A4
  5. Typ A5
  6. Typ_A6
  7. Typ_A7
  8. Type_01
  9. Type_02
  10. Type_03
  11. Type_04
  12. Type_05
  13. DOM35_Bieszczad
  14. DOM35_Góralski

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