innovative technological solutions based on the modular system



Our methodology is completely different from the conventional construction methods. A hotel built twice as fast compared to traditional building methods?
Of course. We can do it! We are specialists in this field. We are the company that focuses on innovative solutions and the latest technologies, which make our products highly energy efficient and environment – friendly. In our offer you can find houses, hotels, office buildings, nursery schools, health care facilities and other mixed–use buildings.
Under the same roof we have the design team, the research and development section, production and assembly lines. This allows us to control the entire production process from the first idea to the product completion.
We are providing the turn–key solution perfected to the smallest detail.

Hotel 29

Hotel 29 is the base size of the facility which allows to building a small plot.
We limited the common area to a necessary minimum: a reception and a small self – service breakfast area with Grab & Go vending machines. It is possible to enlarge this area in order to obtain a standard restaurant with a kitchen.
The layout of the building allows for easy subsequent expansion of the hotel.
The proposed option is a two – storey building with the possibility of an adding a third floor.

Our modular technology allows us to customize the size and function of the facility to specific needs from large facilities to the small ones that can be build on minimal plots. The layout of the building allows for easy subsequent addition of hotel unit modules and the possibility to build up to three floors.

Hotel 58

This option doubles the basic Hotel 29 variant. The two twin buildings are connected by a common space planned as a restaurant, bar and lounge area. This variant includes two floors and provides the same possibility of expansion as Hotel 29, by adding hotel units (lengthening of the building).

This variant of the building is well suited for two–stage construction planning.
In the first stage a fully functioning facility is built. This allows completing the remaining part in any time without interrupting the functioning of the hotel built in the first stage.

Hotel 90

In this facility we show how you can easily scale the size of a building. In this case, we enlarge the Hotel 58 by adding a third floor. Such a superstructure can also be an option to expand a two–storey building provided that the appropriate foundations were build at the first stage.

While extending the building upwards, we can add external elevators for accessing the upper floors.