innovative technological solutions based on the modular system

This is why

we’re different

A finished house in just one day. The assembly of your house on site is that fast. We specialize in the production of houses which are manufactured entirely in the controlled environment of our modern factory. The prefabricated modules are transported to the destination and assembled within 24 hours.

The shortened investment process is made possible by the fact that the building is created on a modern production line. We are completely independent of the weather conditions. We are using specialized machinery and equipment, not available on a regular construction site. This is why the construction of our building is several times faster, the precision and the quality of work is excellent.

Fully furnished interiors. Our houses are ready to move-in. You will find a fully furnished and equipped kitchen, a living room, bedrooms and a bathroom. All the lighting fixtures and the necessary facilities are included. This is how we redefine the meaning of the “turn – key” solution.

Approved technologies and renowned manufacturers are our way to achieve high quality and compatibility with the best standards in the field of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and fire protection. We use only materials
certified for buildings – with the parameters exceeding those commonly used.

House 45

The 45 House (3 modules) with a compact 45 m2 footprint has a craftfully arranged interior filled with modern furniture and appli-ances.

Fully furnished double bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen make a perfect perma-nent or vacation home.

House 75

The 75 House (5 modules) is de-signed as a medium-size (75 m2) home for a family of three.

Apart from its spacious living space with a kitchen, two (dou-ble and single) bedrooms and a bathroom it contains also a small storage space.
All rooms are fully furnished.

You need bigger one?

in our offer we have houses with an area of 105m2 and 180m2

House 105

The 105 House (7 modules) is a comfortable 105 m2 space for three or four inhabitants. Significantly enlarged living area is composed of a spacious kitchen with a separate dining table and a living room with direct access to a garden.
The toilet is separatd from the bathroom by a sliding door.

House 180

The 180 House (12 modules) is a comfortable 180 m2 space for four to six inhabitants. The realized building suits as a showroom, containing key fun-cions, like: reception, bedroom, home-theather, bathroom, bed-room with desk, kitchen, confer-ence room. However the space can be ar-ranged based on the customers desire.