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According to the Mobility Package, truck drivers should not stay overnight in the vehicle cabin after afew days of drive. Additionally, they need to return to the base/home at specified intervals. Violations of the above-mentioned obligations can result in financial penalties imposed on drivers and companies employing them. At the same time, there are still no adequate and affordable accommodation possibilities along the highways and main communication routes. Modular micro motels – by Diamond Module in Bytom (Poland) – were created as a response to this need. They provide fully comfortable conditions in single, fully furnished rooms with turnkey finishing, each equipped with its own shower and toilet. On request, there are custom configurations possible. If there’s a need for a larger number of beds, we can offer bigger, several-room motels. Further information in the attached graphics.
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The dynamic change taking place in the world has revolutionized the hotel industry. Modular structures are becoming increasingly popular as the technology of choice for the construction of hotels. The key advantage for operators is the repeatability of unit (hotel room) production, attractive prices, as well as the high quality of construction and finishing, as well as shorter lead times.

Operators can begin receiving guests within a dozen weeks, as the modules are delivered to sites fully-furnished, including all sanitary facilities, heating and air conditioning installations, furniture, and other required elements.

Diamond Module will deliver modules for 3* and 4* hotels, social hotels, as well as dormitories, and the so-called smart apartments.

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